Collection: A0 Dutch Online courses for Absolute Beginners

Our A0-level online Dutch courses are for absolute beginners.
If you are a beginner, you can choose two options:
- Online courses using books (Contact! Nieuw 1 and/or 2) and live online lessons in virtual classroom of 3 lesson hours per lesson
- Online courses without books, including E-learning methods with online resources and live online lessons in virtual classroom of 2 lesson hours per lesson.

You can choose the A0 minicourse to get started, or choose our A0-A1 Package course if you want to finish the complete A1 level.

If you are committed to learning Dutch, you may benefit from our A0-A2 Full Package deal, combining Dutch level A0, A1 AND A2, for best value.
Start your journey to mastering the Dutch language right here. You will experience an amazing language learning progression supported by interactive and modern teaching methods with qualified teachers.
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