Inburgering courses A0-B1

Looking for an Inburgering course in the Netherlands? Dutch First offers classroom-based courses using Smartboard technology combined with video and audio fragments and game elements to make lessons interactive. Our courses are tailored for non-Dutch speakers who want to learn Dutch, particularly those with tertiary/higher education or foreign language experience. We use the Contact! Nieuw method from publisher Intertaal, and our group sizes range from 6 to 14 participants, which provides a safe learning environment with personalized attention.

When can I start my inburgering?

Our inburgering courses start in September 2023, and we welcome students of all origins.

How do I register?

To register, you must do an intake with a qualified and certified NT2 teacher, who will determine your level and ask you questions about your possible DUO loan situation and course preferences. After this, we will decide which course you can join based on your level and schedule preferences. A binding course agreement will be signed between Dutch First and the course participant in English or Dutch.

How is the course structured?

The course is designed for beginners of the Dutch language, and students with an A0/beginners level will be placed in a separate group. During the course, we will track your progress with our own interim tests as well as certified  external voortgangstoetsen (progress tests) at the end of each CEFR-level. It is only possible to continue with the next level if you pass the voortgangstoets.

Our courses consist of 3 lesson hours of 45 minutes per lesson, and the study load requires at least 2 hours of self-study per lesson. We offer a course certificate upon completion of the course if you attended at least 80% of the course.

We use Contact! Nieuw method from publisher Intertaal for our Inburgering courses, which is provided in a classroom setting. Our Smartboard technology combined with video- and audio fragments and game elements makes our lessons interactive, and the lessons are supervised by a teacher. For this course, the books used are Contact! nieuw 1 + 2 + 3 textbook and workbook. You can choose to buy either a paper version or a digital version (license 14 months). Courses at Dutch First generally consist of 3 lesson hours of 45 minutes per lesson, with a self-study load of at least 2 hours per lesson. 

Our courses are designed for beginners of the Dutch language. Inburgering students can join from the beginning (A0), or after each level (A1, A2, B1 part 1). We keep track of your progress with interim exams as well as binding certified voortgangstoetsen (progress test) at the end of each CEFR-level (A1, A2, B1). You will only be able to continue with the next part if you pass the voortgangstoets.

After having completed the full inburgering package, you will be at the B1 language level. This is also the level on which the civic integration exam will be held from mid-2021. For more information about the exam, please have a look at:

At the end of the course, you will receive a course certificate as proof of attendance.

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