B1.1 Dutch online course (E-learning + virtual classroom)

B1.1 Dutch online course (E-learning + virtual classroom)

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This is the first of our 4 mini-courses to reach the B1 Dutch level! Join now by signing up on this page and start to improve your Dutch by learning more advanced grammar and sentence structure to get to the intermediate level!

This course is our first part of the Full Package B1 Dutch course meant for those who have finished the A2 Dutch language level.  At the end of this course you will have completed up to one quarter of the B1 Dutch language level based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

In this interactive online Dutch course you will use digital resources and e-learning methods. Our experienced and qualified language coaches know what it takes to get you communicating in Dutch with confidence. You will get to grips with colloquial and work-related Dutch through individual and group work, discussions, listening exercises and homework, all guided by our qualified teachers.

Explore the benefits of online learning and discover how to learn Dutch online successfully. Our virtual classrooms are conducted in Zoom and have many innovative features that can help you to engage in our improved online lessons!

Our online courses are all Inclusive packages that include:

  • Unlimited 24/7 access to the E-learning digital resources developed by Boom for NT2 (Nederlands als Tweede taal) for the duration of your course plus one month.
  • LIVE Dutch lessons with a native Dutch teacher in Zoom.
  • Course certificate (80% attendance required)
  • Customer support from our staff

Schedule and workload 

You can choose an intensive course (lessons 4x a week) or a standard course (lessons twice a week). Please check the planned prices and dates options in the "Choose date" section.

This course consists of 16 lesson hours (16x45 min) in 8 live sessions held in a virtual classroom.

You are expected to spend around 4 hours per lesson on homework in the E-learning module. Time investment on homework is essential to make the most out of the lessons and optimise your learning process! 

Equipment you need

  • An online device (laptop, tablet, smart phone) 

  • Zoom software (You will receive a meeting link from your teacher on the day of the course)

  • Headphones (with microphone) and web camera