B2.1 Dutch Course Classroom-based

B2.1 Dutch Course Classroom-based

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Learn to understand complex Dutch texts on more advanced topics with this collaborative classroom-based mini course. Small group sizes enable our qualified teachers to maximise their attention on your specific needs. Get started on your advanced Dutch learning. This course covers the first part of the B2 Dutch level and will also help you to prepare for the Dutch Staatsexamen NT2 - Programma II (Niveau B2)

This course is meant for those who have finished the B1 Dutch language level and want to continue with the B2 High Intermediate level. With this course, you will finish the first of four minicourses (B2.1, B2.2, B2.3, B2.4) of the B2 language level by working with the book Contact! 3. 

Please note that the course fee for this course does not include the mandatory course materials: 

Contact! 3, chapters 1A-2C

Course material for classroom-based courses

 The use of books and other teaching materials on the course is obligatory. Books are not included in the cost of the course and you can buy the required books at our school or in most bookshops. You will receive homework based on the textbook and workbook used on your course. Bring your paper or digital books to each lesson. 

Obligatory materials

This course consists of 24 lesson hours. 

You can choose an intensive course (lessons 4x a week) or a standard course (lessons twice a week). Please check the planned prices and dates options in the "Choose date" section.